Registered Phenomena Class: 681

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-681 is to remain dormant in the Chief Cornstalk Research Center in ██████████████, West Virginia. It is to be kept locked with its original lock to avoid suspicion. The area is to be monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras hidden within 300 meters of the bunker. A single microphone is to be kept in the center of the structure, suspended from a ventilation hole in the ceiling.

Civilians are allowed to approach and touch RPC-681’s door and walls, so long as they not attempt a break in. Any attempts to do so must be met with rapid detainment of any trespassers. It is important to use less-lethal alternatives to maximize discretion. Firearms are to be used only in the absolute direst of circumstances due to the close proximity of a small town.

Description: RPC-681 is an “igloo” bunker built during the Second World War and used to store experimental explosives and ██████████ agents. After abandonment, anomalous properties manifested themselves in 1968, soon after the infamous █████████████ Incident the previous Christmas.

Upon entering the bunker, the strange echo usually clearly present in other similar bunkers in the area is noticeably absent. Instead, any non-verbal noise is simply absorbed by the walls. Any verbal communication will be responded to by an entity, hereafter referred to as RPC-681-1.

RPC-681-1 manifests itself as the subject’s own voice. It has a free will of its own and resembles whoever it mimics in voice and personality. Upon being asked a question about the subject’s own life, the voice will echo back answers that seemingly predict the future. So far 12 tests have taken place, with all short-term predictions coming true in all cases. The most prominent predications include:

• The prediction that Dr. ████████ was pregnant, and her baby would be a male that her husband would insist be named ██████
• The prediction that a site security officer would be killed cleaning out RPC-███’s pen
• The prediction that a nearby bunker containing RPC-███ would experience a containment breach that the subject would be present for.
• The prediction that ██████████ would defect from the RPC Authority

Should the subject that RPC-681-1 is mimicking attempt to leave the bunker, RPC-681-1 will adamantly and violently plead and beg for the subject to stay. RPC-681-1 typically mentions how it hated “the isolation of the void” and that it’s “not sure what will happen” if [the subject] leaves.

Should the subject leave anyway, the echo will no longer be present upon reentry to the structure. Furthermore, the subject will have no echo at all. All sounds produced by the subject’s vocal cords will be absorbed by his/her surroundings. This trait is not genetic, but is permanent. Subjects afflicted by this malady, hereafter referred to as RPC-681-2, will either have to find alternative means of communicating with people outside their immediate area, or live with being semi-mute. It should also be noted that microphones do not pick up their voices after contact with RPC-681-1, nor do any other form of audio recording. To date, no procedure, medical or otherwise, can reverse this effect.

Interview between RPC-681-1 and Mr. ████████, via a proxy Volunteer.

Interviewed: RPC-681-1

Interviewer: Volunteer █████████████

Foreword: The Volunteer was told to enter and read off several questions predicting his personal future, including several events that would happen in a random sequence after the interview. In addition, questions regarding RPC-681-1 were also raised.

<Begin Log>

Subject: Hello?

RPC-681-1: Hi there, █████.

Subject: I was just instructed by Mr. ████████ to ask you a few questions about yourself and a few things about my personal future, is that alright?.

RPC-681-1: Sure thing, █████. Shoot.

Subject: Okay then, we’ll begin with your origin, do you know what you are and where you came from?

RPC-681-1: I’m afraid not, I really just remember you coming in here to talk to me. Everything else is just darkness.

Subject: So you aren’t aware of any other entities around you?

RPC-681-1: Just you, I’m afraid. I’m glad you came though, nice to see— well, hear a friendly voice

Subject: Well thank you, 681. I appreciate it. Now, what do you know about what’s going to happen if I leave this bunker?

RPC-681-1: Wait, you’re not gonna really leave, are you? I can tell you what would happen, but please don’t leave. I don’t know what would happen-

Subject: No, I’m not going to leave you. Don’t worry. Now, tell me, what exactly would happen?

RPC-681-1: Well, if you leave, you are presented with a coin toss, the answer to which is Heads, you roll 3 dice at once, you get one three and two fours for a total of eleven. Then, Mr. ████████ will throw a tennis ball at you from his left hand, it will miss you.

Subject: So how do you know all this?

RPC-681-1: I’m not sure. You ask the question and I just kind of… know.

Subject: That’s interesting. Say, there’s another thing that I’ve been meaning to ask, about █████████.

RPC-681-1: I know what you’re going to ask already. It’ll be fine. You two have a future together. You’ll be disciplined for asking unauthorized questions, though.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Afterwards, Volunteer █████████████ abruptly walked out as instructed. RPC-681-1 was unable to do anything other than a quick yelp. The subject was slightly traumatized by this, in addition to the long-term effects of exposure to RPC-681. Nevertheless, he was able to complete the three trials. The first two trials, which were a coin toss which he knew about, and a dice roll of which he had no knowledge of the number of dice involved, had the exact results that RPC-681-1 had predicted. Despite this researcher’s best efforts, I was unable to strike Volunteer █████████████ with the tennis ball. Insight into how RPC-681-1 works was acquired, but we need to conduct more experiments before we are certain about the nature of the entity itself.

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