Registered Phenomena Code: 707

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Contact Hazard



Containment Protocols: RPC-707 is to be kept in Alpha Storage Locker 20 at Containment Wing of Site-279, inside a safety box fitted with a lock fitted with a fingerprint scanner. Access to the item is to be restricted to Level 4 Clearance personnel or higher. RPC-707 must not be used outside of testing purposes.

While testing with RPC-707, CSD personnel must wear special socks1 prior to putting RPC-707 on, under no circumstance are CSD personnel to leave testing chambers while wearing the item. No less than two (2) Authority Security members are to be stationed outside testing chambers. These units must be trained in close quarter combat, fitted with close range rapid fire weaponry and ultrasonic imaging devices.

Testing chambers designated for RPC-707 are to be fitted with ultrasonic imaging devices for observing personnel and pressure sensitive floor tiling to minimize chances of a containment breach, likewise the hallways around2 these chambers are to be fitted with pressure sensitive floor tiling to detect any breach attempts while wearing RPC-707.

Description: RPC-707 is a pair of ██████ brand slippers designed for running, black in color, size 47 men’s3 and with slight signs of wear, identical to any other non-anomalous product of the same brand. Its anomalous effects manifest when worn by a subject with matching foot size. These effects consist of the camouflaging on the subject, making the wearer effectively invisible and suppressing their heat signature, making it impossible to notice subject through thermal imaging. This however, does not change tangibility of the subject and as such`the subject is capable of being detected by touch and sonographic means.

Besides this effect, RPC-707 can also alter the physical prowess of the wearer as long as any part of skin maintains direct contact with the inner surface of the shoes, most notably making the wearer more agile with negligible effects on strength and stamina. Concomitantly to this latter effect, a melding of peripheral nerves can be found forming between the skin of the wearer and the inner surface of the shoes followed by slight to moderate changes on the subjects psyche and as such it is advised any testing subjects wear specially made socks that prevent any contact with skin.

While worn with these socks, the effects are limited to only camouflaging. Research suggest the object has been fitted with both genetic and robotic technology which allows the camouflaging to occur while the nerve connections are prevented. Aside from these characteristics, the object exhibits similarities to non-anomalous products from the same brand. Upon closer inspection of the object, signs of minor wear could be appreciated on the inner surface of the shoes, which suggest it possesses no other anomalous materials in its composition.

Addendum 1: Discovery and item recovery.
RPC-707 was found during containment of the anomalous seabed laboratory found near the coasts of ██████, Australia. Reports from local authorities of electromagnetic disturbances and communications interruptions alerted local Authority agents, leading tan o investigation of the area and discovery of the supposedly abandoned and derelict submarine facility. During the raiding of the lab by MST-Echo-9 “Seasiders”, three anomalous objects were recovered from the laboratory, with RPC-707 recovered from the Bioweapon engineering laboratory, on Sublevel 4 of the Seabed Laboratory. The object was found inside a storage unit with an electronic lock, displaying anomalous text on the screen. RPC-707 was removed from this unit upon return of the MST to Authority quarters by opening the safe by force, a digital copy of the anomalous text found on the screen was produced:


Text found on storage unit containing RPC-707.

Alongside the object, a note was found under the shoes which read as follows:

And the pair to [text unreadable] them all. I made these to fit my measures. The soldiers Colonel Tyrell plans on fitting with these better measure up to me! Sadly the [text unreadable] available to me now only allows for visual camouflaging. I better demand a budget rise if they plan on me making these able to remove tangibility or my name is not Oswald!

Examination of other documents found on the same location reveal this to be a handwritten note by Dr. Os, closely related to other objects found in the seabed laboratory.

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