RPC-745 in containment.

Registered Phenomena Code: 745

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Animated Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-745 is to be contained within Flat Jason Island, an uninhabited island within the Falkland Islands archipelago. The island has been placed under Authority jurisdiction, and has been designated OL-Site-745. MST Sierra-14 "Falklanders" has been assigned to keep RPC-745 contained. In order to take advantage of RPC-745's "protective" properties, all Sierra-14 personnel have been issued Argentine military uniforms from the Falklands war. Civilians are to be directed away from the island, citing "munitions disposal."

Description: RPC-745 appears to be an articulate mannequin, however, X-ray scanning has shown that RPC-745 is a complex automaton, constructed out of what appears to be steel, with an outer layer made of kevlar. RPC-745 has a manufacturing date listed on the back of its neck, displaying the date of 18/12/1980. RPC-745 is sapient, and is capable of fluent speech, perceiving sights and sounds, and fluid movement. RPC-745 requires no power source to function. RPC-745 refers to itself as "Colonel Agustín Garcia Manzanedo." RPC-745 believes itself to be a member of the Argentine Army, although no records of its existence are found within the records of the Argentinian Defense Ministry. RPC-745 is fluent in the Latin American dialect of Spanish, and possess a basic understanding of the English language.

RPC-745 is passive in most situations, and is even stated to be "friendly" by OL-Site-745 Personnel. RPC-745 is noted to be extremely hostile towards English personnel, but under a set of "conditions," these being that the individual must be wearing a British military uniform circa 1982, and the individual must be carrying firearms. All conditions must be met in order for RPC-745 to attack an individual. RPC-745 is also noted to protect all Argentinan personnel from what it perceives as "harm'. RPC-745 is noted to follow orders from Argentinian personnel if they are wearing an Argentinian military uniform displaying any rank above Colonel. This behavioral pattern also applies to recordings of Argentinian military personnel above the rank of Colonel from any time period. It is unknown how RPC-745 identifies the ranking of personnel from these recordings.

Discovery: RPC-745 was discovered on 31/5/1982 during the Skirmish at Top Malo House on Mount Simon island in the Falklands archipelago. During the skirmish, Argentine Forces observed RPC-745 attacking British forces. Upon Argentinian victory in the skirmish, RPC-745 was noted as “celebrating” by Argentine Private Sergio Martinez.1 On 1/6/1982, the Argentinian government contacted the Authority about RPC-745. RPC-745 was then recovered, with all surviving combatants being administered amnestics.

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