RPC-753 Extended Test Logs


Log Format
Subject: <Video title>, <Date of release>, <MPAA rating, if any>
Result: <Results>
Note: <Notes, if Any>

Subject: FLEX TAPEĀ® Commercial, Jan 31, 2017
Result: The video continues normally until 1.03 minutes in. At this point, Phil Swift begins to perform increasingly more disturbing actions in order to test the strength of Flex Tape. First, Phil Swift entirely covers a child in 4 layers of the tape. Phil watches silently as the child squirms on the ground, unable to breath. The child eventually ceases movement when Phil Swift remarks "Flex Tape is completely air resistant!"
Next, Phil Swift travels to a zoo. The entire journey is recorded in the video with a 3 hour car ride. Once Phil reaches the zoo, he enters the chamber containing an unidentified species of monkey. Phil Swift then takes a large butcher's knife out from behind his back which he uses to cut a large gash in the abdomen of a monkey, profuse bleeding beginning.
The monkey begins to scream and attempts to get away, but Phil Swift tapes down the arms and legs of the money, keeping it in place. Phil Swift then places several layers of flex tape over the gash, stopping the bleeding. The monkey stops moving, likely due to death. Phil Swift begins to speak, "And that is how-" the screen cuts to black abruptly just after a security guard can be seen approaching Phil from the background.
Note: The zoo in the video does not seem to exist. Neither the zoo nor any roads he travels on have been found.

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