A section of RPC-800

Registered Phenomena Code: 800

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Extra-dimensional

Containment Protocol: OL-Site-172 has been established around the borders of RPC-800, under the guise of it being a military base. Access to zones in RPC-800 that are deemed affected by the primary anomaly is restricted to D-Class personnel under specific testing circumstances. Any human subjects emerging from RPC-800-1 are to be detained, interviewed, implanted false memories, and released. Any non human entities emerging from RPC-800-1 are to be subdued, and contained for research unless containment proves impossible.

Description: RPC-800 was previously a large █████ brand amusement park commonly visited by local students. The primary anomaly of RPC-800 activates when a human subject under the age of 21 enters a large, red and white tent in the borders of RPC-800, designated RPC-800-A. Above RPC-800-A is a large sign reading "Blooper the Worm's Magical Mudland!".

If another human is present to observe someone enter the area, no anomalous affects will be observed, and the subject will simply enter the interior of the large circus tent. If no observers are present to watch the subject enter the area, then the subject will be transported to a large open plain completely filled with a thin muddy liquid. This area has been designated RPC-800-1. Despite being filled with mud, subjects have noted the ability to breathe completely, but have shown signs of heavy discomfort.

During exploration of RPC-800-1, subjects exploring have consistently encountered a large, green serpent like creature, designated RPC-800-2. RPC-800-2 has been noted to be able to manipulate areas within RPC-800-1, and is believed to be the source and/or creator of RPC-800-1. RPC-800-2 has been observed to never attempt to physically harm subjects within RPC-800-1, however, has been shown to intentionally use multiple fear tactics to emotionally damage subjects within RPC-800. Because of this, and multiple other behavior patterns, it is assumed that RPC-800 is able to consume negative emotions from human subjects directly, and feed off of them for nutrients.

Discovery: The anomalous properties of RPC-800 were discovered after John Rogers, who had gone missing in RPC-800 6 years prior, emerged from RPC-800 and appeared in the middle of RPC-800. After the Authority was alerted of this, subject was detained and an interview was conducted to gain more information on RPC-800.

Addendum: Since discovery, 2 alive human subjects have emerged from RPC-800-1. Human subjects emerging from RPC-800-1 have been consistent with multiple missing persons reports involving RPC-800 prior to containment.

Interviewed: John Rogers (PoI-800-1)

Interviewer: Dr. Roman

Foreword: Subject leaving RPC-800 (confirmed to be Cameron Rogers) was detained and brought in for interview to get more info on the nature of RPC-800.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Roman: Hello John. We are going to be asking you a few questions if that's alrigh-

John Rogers: Its in my head. I can see it in my fucking head. Its nagging at me. Nagging- nagging- nagging…

Dr. Roman: You're going to need to calm down- where did you come from?

John Rogers: Okay okay- its just- sorry about that. I was, what, 15? My mother and I went to visit █████ land. I got away from her and found a more secluded ride, no one was there- I thought maybe I could get in and ride it. Pay free you know?

Dr. Roman: Please go on.

John Rogers: I went into it and- I passed out. When I woke up, I was in a large, maybe even infinite plain of muddy brown stuff. It was disgusting. But, surprisingly I could breathe perfectly fine. Don't ask me how. Anyway, I felt calm. That was, until the snake appeared.

Dr. Roman: The, snake…?

John Rogers: Mhm. Massive fucking water snake. Must have been, what, 100 meters at most? It scared the crap outta me. I swam. I swam as fast as I could, but it caught up to me. It- it kept still with its god damn eyes. It kept nagging. I was scared as all hell. It repeated this cycle. It repeated this cycle for, what must have been weeks. In fact, may I ask what year it is?

Dr. Roman: 2024, why do you as-

John Rogers: 2000- and, 2024? It- I was in there for- 6 years? 6 years?.

Dr. Roman: It would appear so.

John Rogers: I- I need to- I just. May I step aside for a moment?

Dr. Roman: Alright- security please escort him out for a few minutes. We will continue the interview afterwards.

Rogers is instructed out of the room by 2 guards.

Dr. Roman: Well, I might as wel-

A large crash and struggling can be heard.

Dr. Roman: What was that? Securi-

<End Log>

Rogers had managed to escape guards and leave Area-172 before being executed. Strangely, Rogers had managed to get back to the location of RPC-800-A and was found attempting to activate its anomalous properties. A note manifested at the scene shortly after which read as follows:

let me back in
let me back in
let me back in
let me back in
let me back in
let me back in
let me back in
let me back in

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