Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-844

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Physical Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Organic Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Procedures: All instances of RPC-844 are to be contained by Authority Security Forces outfitted with standard NATO military equipment, along with a specially created electric fence. Daily patrols of sections of the fence are required. RPC-844 is to be contained within the borders of the Nordauslandet region of Svalbard, and the Authority and the Norwegian government have come up with a successful disinformation campaign. While present, all members of the present security forces are to pose as being a part of a new NATO military installation. Termination of an instance of RPC-844 is only permitted should any of the instances breach containment. In the event of a containment breach, Authority Security forces is to send a detachment to isolate, and contain the instance. A specially modified tranquilizer dart has been found to pierce the skin of all instances of RPC-844, in firing the dart, the instance should lose consciousness in approximately 5 seconds, giving enough time to place the instance back in containment. In the event a person outside of the Authority or Norwegian government gains any knowledge of RPC-844, Class-B amnestics are to be administered.

Description: RPC-844 is a large group of extremely hostile creatures, which resemble a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex, except with longer arms, approximately 3 meters in length, allowing a larger field of movement, as well as seemingly bullet resistant skin. Each instance seems capable of displaying basic emotions, and has a lifespan of approximately 25 years. Authority Security Squads are responsible for most of the data compiled on RPC-844, with extensive body cam footage detailing many of the instances behaviors. RPC-844 was located by Authority personnel in 1996 and was not completely contained until February 2nd, 1997. Instances of RPC-844 travel and live in groups of at least six, but can be as large as 20. Each instance of RPC-844 grows with the amount of “challenges” they win with other members of their species, this trait is particularly dominant among males, with few females actually partaking in a challenge. While their skin is seemingly bullet resistant, specially made and modified tranquilizer darts have been able to pierce it.

Addendum: Extensive tests by now Head Researcher Marius Streicher have shown that the brains of RPC-844 are extremely similar to that of a human, without the components for speech, long term memory, and complex emotion. All instances of RPC-844 have shown that they are aware of the Authority’s presence, and some having attacked Authority patrols. Site-57 houses approximately 4 instances of RPC-844, and is monitoring for any changes in behavior.

Notable and Documented instances of RPC-844:

RPC-844-01: RPC-844-01 is the alpha-female in the largest collective of instances that make up RPC-844, leading as a matriarchal figure. Larger than the average instance of RPC-844, she is approximately 13.7 meters tall, and 7.92 meters in length.

RPC-844-03: RPC-844-03 is an alpha male in one of the larger collectives that make up RPC-844. RPC-844-03 often displays erratic and violent impulses not seen in other instances behaviors. RPC-844-03 is the largest instance of RPC-844, being at least two meters taller and longer than any other instance. A request to move him to Site-57 is currently pending.
-Denied, we cannot risk another containment breach at Site-57- Head Researcher Stricher

RPC-844-08: RPC-844-08 is a smaller female, and one of RPC-844-01’s offspring. RPC-844-08 is the runt of her hatch group, and displays ignorance in the violent nature of her species. She is usually separated from her group, and approaches Authority researchers and members of Security Teams often. She displays a higher degree of intelligence than all other RPC-844 lifeforms. A request to move her to Site-57 is currently pending. Approximately 9.1 meters tall, and 4.5 meters in length.
-Request Granted, even with the possibility of angering RPC-844-01, since RPC-844-08 is quite docile, we can continue extensive research into the origin and genetic makeup of RPC-844, as well as why their skin is bulletproof.-Head Researcher Streicher

Site-57: Site-57 is the main research facility for RPC-844, housing 300 personnel, and is located on Bear Island. Site-57 is located near Site-002. Site-57 actually has an above ground military installation, thus making the disinformation campaign all the more truthful. Site-57 is also a large contributor to experimental containment protocols utilized by the Authority.

RPC-844 Incident Log:
Incident #1: Members of a Research Team witness large scale violence between RPC-844-01’s collective and RPC-844-03. RPC-844-03 emerges victorious, killing and eventually eating the dead instances.
Incident #2: Containment breach at Site-57. Resulting in RPC-844-02 and RPC-844-16 being terminated. 32 casualties, 26 Research Personnel and 6 Security officers.
Incident #3: Second Containment Breach at Site-57. RPC-844-05, RPC-844-12, and RPC-844-20 are all terminated. 68 Casualties, 42 Research personnel, 1 outside researcher, 1 member of Norwegian government, 13 members of On-site Security Forces, Former Head Researcher Jacob Abdullahi

*Body Cam Footage Archive on RPC-844:**

First Contact with Instances of RPC-844:
A 3 man reconnaissance team was deployed to Nordauslandet, Svalbard, to locate an anomaly reported by local fisherman. The team reached the area, and remained for several hours with no anomalous activity recorded

Pvt. Jenko: Sir? Are you absolutely sure there’s something here? We’ve walked almost the entirety of the area that was required…

Commander Anders: Well, we’ve got our orders, and we know what happens when they’re not obeyed.

Pvt. Michaels: I’m with Jenko on this, sir, doesn’t seem to be anything here.

*A distant roar is heard*

Pvt. Jenko: Well, shit.

Pvt. Michaels: Let’s hope it’s two Polar bears fighting so we can go home.

Pvt. Jenko: Nah, those aren’t bears. I’ve heard ‘em fight before.

Commander Anders: It came from the North-East. Let’s go take a look. Jenko, have a look.

*Commander Anders and Private Michaels stay in place, with Private Jenko moving to the top of a small ridge*

Pvt. Jenko: Yeah, we got something.

Commander Anders: What is it?

Pvt. Jenko: Guessing you’ve seen Jurassic Park, sir?

Commander Anders: Uh, yeah?

Pvt. Jenko: Well, you’re in it.

Pvt. Michaels: What’s that mean?

Pvt. Jenko: We’ve got real honest to god dinosaurs upover here. About…10.

Commander Anders: Jesus, Mary and Joseph… I’ve gotta call this in.

*Anders steps a few feet away, and radios Authority personnel to confirm anomalous activity in the area*

Pvt. Jenko: Sir, two of ‘em have seen me.

*Footage shows two instances of RPC-844 slowly approaching Pvt. Jenko*

Commander Anders: Stay calm Jenko, don’t fire, make sure you seem not threatening.

Pvt. Jenko: Sir, they’re getting close.

*Pvt. Jenko slowly stands, backing away, one of the instances slowly approaches him, Michaels and Anders both aim directly at the Instance, ordering Jenko to slowly back off, the other instance roars, and Michaels fires a short burst at one of the instances, hitting the one near Jenko. The instance roars, and bites down towards Jenko, ripping his head off. Anders and Michaels open fire, angering the other instance, and Michaels turns to run, leaving Anders to be killed. Michaels footage show him running for approximately 23 seconds before being eaten.*

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