Registered Phenomena Code: 990

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Regenerative Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-990 is to be contained in a standard biohazard containment chamber at Site-008. Personnel entering RPC-990's containment chamber for interviews are to wear level 7 biological hazard suits and maintain a distance of one meter away from RPC-990. RPC-990 samples are to be collected via an automated drone and contained in a standard reinforced laboratory petri-dish, with samples being stored in a cold storage container. Any person who comes into physical contact with RPC-990 is considered a part of RPC-990 and is thus considered lost. Any personnel who wishes to receive amnestics after working with RPC-990 may submit a request to Site-002 administration.

Description: RPC-990 is a single colony organism composed of 36 still-living human beings which have been combined at a cellular level. The individuals within RPC-990 have no need for sustenance, show signs of extreme distress, and frequently beg for liberation or termination. Attempts at surgically removing any one member of RPC-990 from the collective organism results in the death of the individual moments later. Attempts at terminating RPC-990 have resulted in the affected areas regenerating by absorbing organic material from surrounding members, it is theorized that ¦ members of RPC-990 have been completely dissolved into the rest of RPC-990 from this process.

As the subjects of RPC-990 are in a constant state of panic, they have been known to grab other people into themselves in an attempt to liberate themselves. While RPC-990 is not hostile, its panicked reactions have caused the loss of ¦¦ personnel to date. X-Ray scans of RPC-990 have revealed a spherical object at its center (hereby referred to as RPC-990-A). RPC-990-A is made of a nickel-iron alloy and appears to be inscribed with a variety of unknown symbols, the only identifiable one being the insignia of the Group of Interest 'Church of Malthus'. It is believed that RPC-990-A is the primary cause of RPC-990, however, given the effects of RPC-990, reaching RPC-990-A is not considered an option at this time.

Addendum 990-1

Addendum 990-2

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