Registered Phenomena Code: 992

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Magnetic Hazard, Extra-dimensional Hazard, Chronological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-992 must be contained by a security perimeter covering an area of 1km beyond the entry point to the laboratory. Authority security personnel must be stationed around it at all times to avoid trespassing, and a defensive net is to be erected around this perimeter on the sea above the facility fitted with an electromagnetic radiation jammer, and a cover story about an abnormal box jellyfish population overgrowth is to be issued to any questioning parties approaching the facility. Sea traffic is to be diverted under a cover story of dangerous explosives found below the water, with detainment for amnesticization if necessary.

No less than 6 EM jammers are to be fitted around the security perimeter, to deter any EM radiation coming from RPC-992. These jammers are to stay on from the hours 13:00 to 18:00 local time, which are the hours when RPC-992 actively emits EM waves, or they are to be turned on when a Seabed Flow Event is taking place.

In the event of a security breach security personnel is instructed to use non lethal force and any caught individuals are to be administered amnestics. Lethal force is to be used as last resort.

If any of the entities designated RPC-992-03 contained within the laboratory attempt breaching, they are to be lethally shot on sight. Under no circumstance should any of these entities escape from the security perimeter around the facility. Major spatial and/or temporal anomalies have to date not been observed to occur on the upper levels, due to this they are to be considered safe.

Security personnel are to patrol the upper levels of the laboratory to prevent escape of any test subjects, and to ensure their containment within the lower levels. Personnel patrolling the upper levels are to be rotated between the perimeter and the upper levels of the laboratory to avoid [DATA REDACTED]. Under no circumstance are security personnel to patrol the lower levels. During a Seabed Flow Event, MST-Echo-9 "Seasiders" are to be dispatched from Site-279 to the lower levels of the facility to carry procedure Flow-101 (Detailed in Document 992-Os).

Description: RPC-992 is an anomalous laboratory with its deepest point located at 9140m below sea level, near the coasts of ██████, Australia. Coordinates 18°S 158°E. The laboratory is comprised of several facilities distributed in its 2 upper and 3 lower levels, totaling 5 levels which are further detailed on Addendum 3. Within these facilities several genetically manipulated beings can be found (hereafter collectively referred to as RPC-992-03), as well as various space-time distortions, most notably in the lower levels.

Every day, between the 13:00 and 18:00 hours EST or during a Seabed Flow Event, RPC-992 will emit EM waves. These waves cause a compulsive effect on any living organism within 1km from the entry point of the facility, producing a strong compulsion to approach the entry point and if possible, to enter the laboratory. So far the use of EM signal jammers located around the facility has proved enough to deter these waves from affecting living organisms outside of the laboratory. Notably, while this radiation is being emitted, organisms found within the laboratory behave much more violently and erratically.

Typically, both the upper and lower levels rearrange their layout at unpredictable intervals, the only constant structures being the entry point to the lab and the Test Subject Disposal area where RPC-992-01 can be found in a dormant state. It is advised that personnel exploring do so under surveillance, remain grouped at all times, especially if a Seabed Flow Event is taking place, and avoid exploring the Test Subject Disposal area during a Seabed Flow Event (Details in Document 992-Os).

An entity labeled as RPC-992-02 may be encountered during a Seabed Flow Event, frequently on the lower levels, though sightings on the upper levels have been reported. RPC-992-02 consists of a humanoid being composed entirely of what appears to be water. However, it has shown to be intangible, theorized to be anchored on a different dimension even though it can be viewed under the visible light spectrum. To date, the entity has not exhibited any interactions with personnel exploring the laboratory aside from watching them from distant corners of the rooms where they are, sometimes manifesting outside the walls of the laboratory. RPC-992-02 vanishes to manifest again later after a variable period of time or if approached by personnel exploring the facility. The location that has consistently demonstrated frequent manifestations of RPC-992-02 is the flooded aquarium found on the 5th sublevel, to be avoided at all costs during explorations.

Addendum 1: Discovery And Containment
On October 12th 20██, Authority agents located in ██████, Australia intercepted reports from locals about electromagnetic disturbances and communications interruptions, leading to investigation of the area and discovery of the supposedly abandoned and derelict submarine facility. MST-Echo-9 “Seasiders” were dispatched to survey the submarine facility, three anomalous objects were recovered from the laboratory after encountering many genetically modified organisms and diverse spatial anomalies. Due to the large number of anomalies found within the facility, the facility was secured and a perimeter placed around it for containment following Authority Austerity guidelines.

Addendum 2: Document 992-Os
Document 992-Os refers to a file pertaining to the phenomena related to the seabed laboratory, as such proper credentials are required for its perusal.

Addendum 3: Laboratory Layout general description.
While the spatial anomalies encountered within the Seabed Laboratory make exploration difficult by random rearrangements of it, explorations have yielded some data that reports certain common characteristics which can identify each sublevel of the laboratory along with a description of the anomalies found within detailed in the following collapsible sections:

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