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Registered Phenomena Code: 997

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Toxic Hazard, Geological Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Gravitational Hazard, Newtonian Hazard

Containment Protocol: All tunnel entrances are to be sealed with concrete inside the tunnel to a thickness of 10 meters. Pending Incident 997, all tunnels are to have anti-personnel mines placed inside and be capped with 10 meters of concrete. Entrances are to be monitored with seismic sensors and all entrances must be patrolled regularly to inspect for signs of damage or tampering.

Shaft 6 of RPC-997-1 is equipped with a small access shaft for the purpose of deploying remote exploration vehicles within the tunnels. To deter breach attempts and give advanced warning, all tunnel seals are further embedded with explosive fragmentation devices designed to detonate upon tampering or removal. Site security will maintain a company-sized presence at the site and conduct routine patrols and manual inspections of the site's security measures. Due to the effects of RPC-997-1's environment, it is highly recommended that any hostile engagements with instances of RPC-997-2 be conducted outside of any areas of anomalous influence.


Respirators recovered from expired instances of RPC-997-2

Description: RPC-997-1 is a complex of mine shafts within a mountain in the United States Pacific Northwest. Originally the tunnels began at the peak and extended vertically and horizontally throughout the mountain. The tunnel complex was originally excavated to mine silver in the early 1900s and is mapped with vertical shafts which extend to a depth of some 1596 meters. These shafts possess horizontal and diagonal interconnecting pathways with lengths of up to 1000 meters. These tunnels are accompanied by a variety of galleries, loading areas, ventilation shafts, drainage shafts, and ore chutes.

Due to spatial anomalies and anomalous geography, the original maps of the complex are no longer useful. When the 200-meter point within any tunnel is passed, anomalous geographic effects begin to manifest extending the tunnel's length far beyond any possible limits that could be contained within the mountain. Furthermore, as one progresses farther into the tunnel increasingly hazardous reality distortions begin to manifest. The severity of the reality distortion can be identified as an increasing amount of antiquated appearing machinery within the tunnels and embedded in the tunnel walls, gravitic disturbances, and occurrences of non-standard geometry.

Water has been seen flowing upwards to flood shafts that are overhead, dropped objects may fall sideways, or "fall" down a horizontal shaft. When following adjoining shafts, the individual may find that they have traveled in a circle back to the diversion point without departing from a straight line of travel. During exploratory missions, personnel have also reported periods of intense vertigo. This is most commonly reported to be in the form of a sensation that one is not walking in a horizontal tunnel but instead falling down a vertical shaft.

At the 2000 meter point, the machinery encountered will still be in operation despite advanced age and decay. Machinery manifests as rusted and mineralized riveted iron pipes, pressure tanks, gears, and crankshafts embedded or built into the walls for unknown purpose or function. 2000 meters beyond the first encountered instance of anomalous machinery, the air within the tunnels grows highly toxic. Atmospheric testing shows heavy concentrations of carbon monoxide, methane, and hydrogen sulfide. In addition to these toxic gases, the air will become increasingly devoid of oxygen the further one progresses. 200 meters into the toxic atmosphere is the exclusion zone from which no exploration vehicles or CSD personnel have been recovered to date. No further expeditions beyond this point are permitted.

Instances of RPC-997-2 are most commonly encountered within the confines of the toxic environment. Instances of RPC-997-2 are humanoid entities clad in antiquated mining SCBA respirators and mine rescue equipment whose make and model date to approximately 1890 to 1920. RPC-997-2 appear to be capable of full coordination even within complete darkness, suggesting that they utilize alternative senses to detect and interact with their environment. RPC-997-2 do not obey the known laws of physics and have been observed walking on both the ceiling and walls without effort. RPC-997-2 instances exhibit strength on par with that of an average human but, when within the effects of the reality hazard, seem to possess endless stamina and do not tire or slow due to injury or prolonged physical exertion.

RPC-997-2 move unhindered by the weight of their bulky equipment, which consists of antiquated breathing equipment, rubberized canvas, and leather suits. Instances of RPC-997-2 have been observed walking and running through fully submerged portions of RPC-997-1 as if water were not present. Additionally, instances of RPC-997-2 have been reported to dematerialize after turning corners into dead-end tunnels only to reappear and attack from behind, trapping their pursuer turned quarry.

RPC-997-2 cannot breathe regular atmosphere and appear to be fully dependent on the toxic atmosphere within the geographically distorted region of the tunnels. Their antiquated respiration equipment does possess a limited supply of this atmosphere, enabling them to conduct activity beyond the limits of the tunnel's toxic environment for a period of time. RPC-997-2's ability to violate gravity or standard geometry does not extend beyond the limits of the spatial anomaly. When inside the influence of the spatial anomaly instances of RPC-997-2 will make full use of their abilities to stage ambushes and will almost always attack from angles normally considered impossible when in the confines of normal reality.


A portion of the Tunnels leading to the exclusion zone.

To date, no instances of RPC-997-2 have been successfully removed from the spatial anomaly for testing. If involuntarily removed from said toxic environment, instances will begin to undergo rapid decay, leaving behind only their clothing and corroded breathing apparatus. However, RPC-997-2 are fully capable of leaving the toxic atmosphere of the reality distortion on their own volition. Instances of RPC-997-2 have been spotted leaving the tunnel complex in order to assault and capture personnel who are then dragged back into the tunnel complex for unknown purposes. The rapid decay seems to only occur in the event of death or capture.

Instances of RPC-997-2 appear to be fully reliant on their breathing apparatuses while venturing outside of the tunnels. Instances of RPC-997-2 have been encountered individually or in groups of up to 8 in large numbers both within and outside the tunnel complexes on different occasions. RPC-997-2 will attempt to remove any obstacles or blockages within the tunnel complex. To date, no verbal contact with an instance of RPC-997-2 has been established but a badly corroded copper plaque located shortly before the point of no return exclusion zone was discovered with a more crudely etched scrawl upon its backing. It reads:

Below the earth, the light forsaken
Death forgotten, Life mistaken
loathe the sun
hate the sky
In this abyss we will never die


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