You just posted cringe!




He's right, you know.

Registered Phenomena Code: Cringe-J

Object Class: Big Black Omega 😩😩😩

Hazard Types: Info-Hazard, Losing your subscribers, a fate worse than death 😔

Containment Protocols: All personnel are prohibited from posting cringe1 under any circumstances, failure to do so will result in losing subscribers. Individual and groups affected by RPC-Cringe-J are to be classified as RPC-Cringe-J-1.

Currently, there is no way to contain RPC-Cringe-J. The most effective solution in-theory is to shut down the internet from the entire world, but that's pretty cringe.

Description: RPC-Cringe-J refers to a phenomenon when an individual or a group post something that would be considered "cringe". Affected individuals or groups will then lose subscribers. "Cringy" content includes, but not limited to: [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED].

"I feel like I'm writing a KYM article oml-" -Field Researcher C███████████

Addendum 1:

Addendum 2.1:

Addendum 2.2:

Addendum 3:


A Direct Order from GD-[DATA EXPUNGED]

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