RPC Authority Staff List

The following is a comprehensive list of Staff positions, who is in them, and their responsibilities. Note that some positions will overlap with one another as some of the staff members work over niches or have multiple jobs. For a comprehensive list of which specific staff is governing over, please look at the final list in the staff info. Also please note that just because the admins and mods of the RPC Authority Wikidot have power on the site, does not mean that all of them have power everywhere else. Not all site staff have power over the discord, reddit, etc.

The following is a comprehensive list of all the roles and the users in them:

Master Admin: Master Admin is not necessarily an official position that is individually held by a single user on the site, but instead is just an Empty Account meant to hold the position for the Admin Team. All Admins have access to the account.


Staff Member: theRPCoperatortheRPCoperator

Site Admin: Site Administrators are the staff members with the most power on the site. They have the ability to accept and deny applications, kick and ban users, modify almost any articles without a lock, and more. Some Admins also carry over a niche job meant for the community.

(Contact them for any general information, or to report users that seem to be committing a bannable offense.)

Staff Members: BlairinBlairin, Von PincierVon Pincier, ThermicLineThermicLine, and CroalCroal

Site Mod: Site Moderators carry a similar job to admins, but a lot more limited. They are able to lift and add locks, stop threads in forums, and change articles without worrying about locks. Unlike admins, they can not accept applications, kick or ban, and manipulate Site coding without permission. But, like admins, they will often work over a niche for the community that needs to be done.

(Contact them for any general help, or for any problems that may be occurring in the Forums.)

Staff Members: MrPinesMrPines, ICFDICFD, VizloxVizlox, H F DummieH F Dummie, and JerryJohnJerryJohn

Junior Site Mod: Junior Site Moderators are users that are under consideration to be moderators and carry some authority over both the general site and the forums. Unlike moderators, they care unable to perform actions such as lock threads, change articles with locks, and add or remove locks on pages. Despite this, users must listen to them if they are issuing a stop order, give warnings or are editing articles.

(Contact them for any general questions, or for any problems that may be occurring in the Forums.)

Staff Members: None currently.

Lore Team: Lore Team members are in charge of maintaining consistency within the lore. They are also in charge of approving or denying giant changes in lore. It should be noted that while it is the case that most lore building happens on the Lore Coordination Discord, most of the activities of Lore Team are done through the office. Some moderators and admins may also be found to govern over this job.

(Contact them for any lore relating matters such if you want a big change in lore to be approved or questions of what may break canon.)

Staff in Group: BlairinBlairin, VizloxVizlox, and ICFDICFD

User Members: RedtideRedtide, bXluYW1lamVmZgbXluYW1lamVmZg and DrNogDrNog

Development Team: Development team members are staff members that have chosen to assist with the development of code for the site and page themes. These members often present a commitment to work with the main staff to ensure that the site can look as great as it can be.

(Contact them for help with any code you do not know, or if you need code for a certain page or event.)

Staff in Group: BlairinBlairin, MrPinesMrPines, VizloxVizlox

User Members: C0debreakC0debreak, LogangreenjeansLogangreenjeans, and Doctor LupinDoctor Lupin, televisionisttelevisionist

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