Ruslan Tursynbekov



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File Photo, circa. 2017

Name: Ruslan Tursynbekov

Date Of Birth: 17 of March, 1988

Clearance: Level 3 (Recently Promoted)

Class: Senior Researcher

Age: 30

Physical Description: Tursynbekov is an Asian male, with black hair and brown eyes. He is 185 centimeters tall. He is of average build, weighing 70 kilograms. He has no notable unique traits.

Background: Tursynbekov hails from ██████, Kazakhstan. He is the son of former millionaire █████ Tursynbekov. Due to this, Tursynbekov was able to receive a good education. He went to college abroad, attending the University of Michigan from 2006 to 2012, pursuing a master's degree in chemistry. During the final months of his college education, Tursynbekov was informed that the government of Kazakhstan had forcibly acquired his father's company. During his last year of college, Tursynbekov accidentally manufactured an amnestic gas by mixing [DATA EXPUNGED], matching one at the disposal of the Authority. The gas later leaked through the university's chemistry lab, causing 6 individuals to reportedly forget the day's events. The incident caused the Authority to take note of him. In 2012, shortly after obtaining his master's degree, Tursynbekov was recruited by the authority due to his prowess with chemistry. He was given level 2 clearance, and was given the job of analyzing anomalous materials, such as the material that RPC-712 is constructed out of. He has shown a massive desire to study the acidic blood of instances of RPC-556-2. As of 7/12/2017, He has been assigned to be the head researcher on RPC-556. He was promoted to Level 3 clearance on 4/17/2018.

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