Sierra-8 "Sundowners"





Designation: Sierra-8

Codename: Sundowners

Garrison/HQ: Site-002

Role: Protection of Authority assets; Homicide, Vice, Anomaly, Cartage and Arson investigations.

Motto: "Non Poterunt" (They Cannot Prevail)

Established: 19th December, 1918

Description: MST Sierra-8 is an investigative task force assigned to protecting Authority assets from internal and external threats. MST Sierra-8 is comprised of mostly of detectives from various departments as well as hired private investigators from around the world.

Sundowners' Investigators are assigned to one of the various departments, namely the Homicide, Vice, Arson, Anomaly and the Cartage desk. Agreements with various governments have been made to seamlessly integrate the investigators with various countries' police department if they are taking a public case. Investigators may take on a case from a different desk if they are competent in the field or has received a direct order from the commanding officer. Investigators mainly work on their own and usually take over any case from any police department or federal agency if they so wish. However, joint operations may be initiated with permission from the Division Director.

MST Sierra-8 was established as a counter-attack to the rising threats sourcing from the newly formed Raven Mafia. Initially, the Authority received little-to-none damage from the actions of the Mafia. However, in 1917, several attacks to the Authority's assets across the United States were carried out with similar modus operandi on each attack. The Board of Global Directors unanimously agreed to establish MST Sierra-8 in 19/12/1918.

Taskforce Composition

Task Force Officials

  • Investigation Division Commander: Inv. Hakob Bedrosian
  • Crime Scene Unit Division Director: Booker Masters
  • Coroner Division Director: Dr. Kaywinnet Frye
  • Rapid Response Division Commander: Capt. Brandon Eason

Task Force Personnel

  • Investigators: 112
  • Crime Scene Unit Personnel: 367
  • Coroners: 42
  • Rapid Response Operatives: 247
  • Total Personnel: 768


Standard Weaponry

  • Combat Knife: Tanto
  • Pistol: FN Herstal FN57
  • Carbine: Colt M4A1
  • Shotgun: Remington 870
  • Sniper: Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum

Investigation Assignments

RPC-330 (Asset)
RPC-480 (Asset)

Closed Cases

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