Site-001 is a large maximum security sub-aquatic facility used to contain especially precarious anomalies with mostly Gamma and/or Omega class objects. Access is through a sham oil rig platform for helicopters and/or VTOL aircraft to land on.





Maximum Security Subaquatic Containment Facility



The entrance of Site-001 photographed from the deck of AS Andromeda, 16/01/2018.

Established: 16th January, 1985.

Front Cover: Offshore Oil Rig

Location: Area 01A, 168.63 km kilometers north-northeast off of Henderson Pitcairn Island, South Pacific Ocean. (22°50'52.7"S 128°38'09.1"W)

Codename: "Storm Fortress"

Hex-code: [01]

Site Occupation: Primary Containment, Research, and CSD Holding Facility.

Division Jurisdiction: Research and Containment

Total Area: 2,500 m2

Background Information: Site-001 is a large maximum security sub-aquatic facility used to contain especially precarious anomalies with mostly Gamma and/or Omega class objects. Access is through a sham oil rig platform for helicopters and/or VTOL aircraft to land on. Only personnel with security clearance of Level 4 or higher and/or authorized selected personnel may be granted passage to enter the site.

Site-001 is powered by █ Uranium U-235 Pressurized Heavy-water Reactors and is defended with several on-site anti-aircraft and close-in weapon systems, such as the 20x102mm Block 1A/B Phalanx CIWS, complemented with several MIM-104 Patriot missiles. The 1.25 x 1.25 km area of Site-001 is protected by anti-submarine and anti-torpedo netting. Site-001's entire facility is located 2 kilometers underneath the Pacific Ocean. In the case of a containment breach, all of Site-001's sector can be flooded with seawater of enormous pressure in less than 20 seconds.

The construction of Site-001 can be traced back to 1928, where the Overman Committee attempted to fully remove Authority presence within the United States. Due to the sudden influx of anomalies transferred from mainland Europe to North America during the war, The Authority needed to construct a facility large enough to contain these numbers. This leads to the initiation of Project Sanctuary, where the Authority would attempt to negotiate with various governments to grant them land area to build containment sites.


The halted construction of Site-075, 19/06/1947.

However, 94% of the negotiations would prove to be unfruitful, with the exception of Area 01 located in the international waters of the South Pacific Ocean. The projected cost at the time was simply too high, in addition to the shortages of supplies, as the world was still recovering from the previous war. Nevertheless, the Authority agreed to scrap most of its fleet and combat assets used during the war transfer to fund the construction.

The construction of Site-075 (later re-designated to Site-001 upon its completion in 1985) began in early 1929. However, by late 1930s United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt agreed to repeal many of its sentiment anti-occultism policies and allowed the Authority to remain operational in US Soil. Thus, the development of Site-075 was halted and the remaining funds would be diverted to aid Allied operations against Nazi Germany occult operations throughout Europe.

Offices & Wings Section

  • Main Accommodation Level: Otherwise known as the Surface Level, it is used to accommodate several communications center, personnel bunkhouses, AA & CIWS platforms, one helipad and the main cargo lift.
  • Administrative and Office Level - Features the main office for the Site Director and several other high-ranking personnel. Only personnel with security clearance of Level 5 or higher and/or selected authorized personnel may enter this wing.
  • Medical Level - Not only used to house critical medical supplies, the Medical Level is also used to store food supplies and features a small kitchen in the case of emergencies. Equipped with intermediate class medical equipment used only to treat on-site injuries.
  • Research and Laboratories Level - Only features the Anomaly Research Sector. Biochemical research and experimentations are strictly off limits in Site-001 due to safety concerns.
  • Security Level - Used to house ASF personnel and store several on-site RPC object specific recontainment/handling gear. The Security Level is also used to house a limited number of CSD Personnel (no more than 10 personnel on-site at a time) inside solitary confinement chambers. The elevator shaft leading to the Main Containment Level is equipped with reinforced bulkheads and several redundancies to prevent collateral damage during containment breaches.
  • Main Containment Level - Separated into two sectors which include: Aquatic Sector and Terran Sector, in which each of the sectors are separated into three subsectors based on the object's classifications: Alpha Sector, Beta Sector and Gamma Sector.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Wesley Lindwood
  • Assistant Site Director: Lucia Garnett
  • Dir. of Anomaly Containment: Dr. Marlowe Blaine
  • Dir. of Site Security: Gen. William Scott
  • Dir. of Research & Development: Dr. Reiko Nagase
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Francoise Beaumont

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: 5
  • Administrative Assistants: 13
  • Medical Personnel: 75
  • Research Personnel: 50
  • Security Personnel: 100
  • Maintenance Personnel: 50
  • CSD Personnel: 10

Total: 303

Anomalies Contained

RPC # Additional Information
RPC-002 -
RPC-062 -
RPC-161 -
RPC-333 Managed remotely
RPC-760 To be transferred on ██/██/████
RPC-998 In AH-22

Anomalies Previously Contained



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