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Foreword: This index is a list of notable authority sites.

Facility Designations

The Authority maintains a worldwide presence in its effort to research and contain RPCs. Authority facilities can range anywhere from remote outposts with only a handful of personnel to sprawling bases with thousands of staff members.

List of Designations

A list of the different designations of sites can be found below. It lists the different types of areas and different categories of site you may use.

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Site-001 by HellsvergHellsverg

4.3 12

Site-001 is a large maximum security subaquatic facility used to contain potentially precarious anomalies with mostly Gamma and/or Omega class objects. Access is through a sham oil rig platform for...

Site-002 by HellsvergHellsverg

4.5 19

Site-002 is the largest subterranean site in operation used to contain numerous Alpha, Beta and Gamma objects. The surface of Site-002 features a 3.6km long runway mostly utilized for transport of...

Site-007 by XedricXedric

4.6 12

Site-007 is maintained as the forefront for containment and safety of the populace of Europe. The Site is home to a large number of Alpha and Beta anomalies of varying lethality ratings. Site-007 is...

Site-008 by DrNogDrNog

4.6 17

Site-008 is currently the largest Authority medical facility, and annually treat vast amounts of Authority personnel. The majority of patients treated here require intensive care that cannot be...

Site-009 by SinaticusSinaticus

3.9 15

Site-009 is a maximum security prison utilized by The Authority on detaining multiple individuals that include double agents (or defectors), government contract violators and individuals abusing RPC...

Site-015 by SticksNTricksSticksNTricks

3.6 19

Site-015 was originally a nuclear research facility headed by RPNPL. The organization was involved in the Trinity nuclear test for the American Government's Manhattan Project. The facility was shut...

Site-016 by PeanutmaningtonPeanutmanington

3.5 13

Site-016 was established Oct 29th, 2002 to contain item-based anomalies that do not pass Beta in their assigned containment ranking. Site-016's research facilities are built into underwater plexiglass...

Site-017 by KaiserXIKaiserXI

5 14

Site-017 was constructed adjacent to Antarctic Region 17, as the first permanent Antarctic Site, and now acts as the premier facility on the continent. Due to the variable subterranean topography and...

Site-019 by Von PincierVon Pincier

4.3 9

The Authority came into possession of Null-gravity Generator technology in 18962 and immediately began a program of NG airship construction. Several notable flight accidents led to the conclusion of...

Site-035-OL by bXluYW1lamVmZgbXluYW1lamVmZg

4 11

OL Site-035 is currently built around the remains of the Black Lake Technical Institute. The campus came under Authority control following Incident A8-035. Due to the incredibly anomalous state of the...

Site-038 by H F DummieH F Dummie

4.6 12

Site-038 is the Authority's primary research facility for Alpha and Beta Class objects with low threat levels, as well as temporary or long-term storage of Alpha and Beta Class objects retrieved...

Site-062 by Agent Pandoo 1Agent Pandoo 1

4.5 8

Site-062 was established as an RPC containment and research facility. Due to its location and size, it has become the primary facility of the African continent. Site-062 has been fitted with runways...

Site-074 by 3nigm4tic3nigm4tic

4.1 15

Site-074 acts as minor containment facility (keeping RPCs for intense study in an isolated wing) and major development facility responsible for a number of Authority and civil used materials. . #1...

Site-095 by BallYTBallYT

4.4 7

Site-095 is dedicated to the research of aquatic or amphibious anomalies, as well as other anomalies with ties to the ocean, whilst serving the secondary purpose of presenting and preserving marine...

Site-099 DECOMMISSIONED by moist breadmoist bread

3.2 21

Site-099 is one of the Authority's oldest extra-planetary sites, established by lead astronomer Richard Khan in 1958. Site-099 is mainly used to house RPCs that need to be contained in a vacuum, or...

Site-279 by JimmyBoyHahaJimmyBoyHaha

4.3 19

Site-279 is a primary containment and research facility for Alpha and Beta class anomalies, as well as for containment of anomalies located in Australia and Eastern Asia. Site-279 was established...

Sites-031 by Site Manager ToddSite Manager Todd

3.5 11

#1 Article #1 Joke Article Top Ten Article Active Contributor Contest Winner Contest Runner-Up Challenge Winner {$translationblock} Site-031-1 Site-031-2 Site-031-1 Natural Biome...

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