Site Manager Todd Author Page #1: At the Writer´s Edge.


Question numba 1: Who the fuck is Site Manager ToddSite Manager Todd?
I am a 20 y/o writer for RPC, i wanted to be a SCP writer and contribute to the lore of the broken god, but after the shitshow of the quality of articles declining, i decided to make new stories on a fresh canvas, even if the canvas is small. You may know me for articles such as the metallic blob, the fuckable blob or the lore master of "The Sons of Yggdrasil".

Question numba 2: What inspired you to become a writer for this god-forsaken site?
Because i knew about the controversy way back since day 0, never joined the discord or the wiki, but until the spring of 2019, i decided to finally break my silent and joined the discord and oh boy was something alright?. anyways, the community was something wonderfully autistic that i felt right at home. In general it all boils down to make new lore and contribute with my stupid ideas.

Question numba 3: Who are you in reality retard?
I'm just a Mexican with a vore fetish and a lot of free time.

Thank you pierson for the copy paste questions


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