Maximum Security Subaquatic Containment Facility



The entrance of Site-001 photographed from the deck of AS Andromeda, 16/01/2018.

Established: 16th January, 1985.

Front Cover: Oil Rig

Location: Area 01A, 706 kilometers southwest off of Pitcairn Islands.

Codename: "Storm Fortress"

Hex-code: [01]

Site Occupation: Containment, Research, and CSD Holding Facility.

Division Jurisdiction: Research and Containment

Total Area: 2,500 m2

Background Information: Site-001 is a large maximum security subaquatic facility used to contain potentially precarious anomalies with mostly Gamma and/or Omega class objects. Access is through a sham oil rig platform for helicopters and/or VTOL aircraft carrying personnel to land on. Only personnel with security clearance of Level 4 or higher and/or authorized selected personnel may be granted passage to enter the site.

Site-001 is powered by █ Uranium U-235 Pressurized Heavy-water Reactors and is defended with several on-site Bofors 57mm Anti-Aircraft guns, AIM-9 Sidewinder heatseeker missiles, AIM-120 AMRAAM active radar guided missiles, ███-█ "Stonehenge" █████████ with █ geostationary satellites providing GPS/INS target tracking.

Site-001's entire facility is located 10 kilometers underneath the Pacific Ocean. In the case of a containment breach, all of Site-001's sector can be flooded with seawater of enormous pressure in less than 20 seconds.

Offices & Wings Section

  • Administrative and Office Level - Features the main office for the Global Director 04 and his assistants. Only personnel with security clearance of Level 5 or higher may enter this wing.
  • Medical Level - Equipped with intermediate class medical equipment used only to treat on-site injuries.
  • Research and Laboratories Level - Only features the Anomaly Research Sector.
  • Security Level - Used to store several RPC object-specific recontainment/handling gear.
  • CSD Personnel Level - Located one level above the Containment Level.
  • Containment Level - Separated into two sectors which include: Aquatic Sector and Terran Sector, in which each of the sectors are separated into three subsectors based on the object's classifications: Alpha Sector, Beta Sector and Gamma Sector.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: █████ ███████ (Global Director 04)
  • Assistant Site Director: Lucia Garnett
  • Dir. of Anomaly Containment: Dr. Marlowe Blaine
  • Dir. of Site Security: Gen. William Scott
  • Dir. of Research & Development: Dr. Iko Nagase
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Francoise Beaumont

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: 5
  • Administrative Assistants: 13
  • Medical Personnel: 287
  • Research Personnel: 497
  • Security Personnel: 308
  • Maintenance Personnel: 660
  • CSD Personnel: 1.304

Total: 3.074

Anomalies Contained

RPC-333 (Managed remotely)
RPC-760 (To be transfered on ██/██/████)
RPC-998 (In AH-22)

Anomalies Previously Contained



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