Prison & Containment Facility



Site-009 as seen from an Authority survey drone.

Established: 1st Jan, 1857.

Front Cover: Article Reseach Facility

Location: Area 09, 100 kilometers north of October Revolution Island's south shore.

Codename: "Hyperion"

Hex-code: [09]

Site Occupation: Penitentiary & Emergency Containment Facility

Division Jurisdiction: Protection

Total Area: ███,███ m2

Background Information: Site-009 is a maximum security prison utilized by The Authority on detaining multiple individuals that include double agents (or defectors), government contract violators and individuals abusing RPC entities while in possession of the functionality of that entity.

Site-009 also serves as the primary holding location for humanoid RPCs

Offices & Wings Section

  • Warden and Office Wing - This wing is used to manage the entire facility of Site-009.
  • Cell Block A - The "low" containment sections where traitors are kept. Should they show good behavior they may be reinstated with their actions under constant observation.
  • Cell Block B - Non-anomalous P.O.I's, terrorists that have used RPC's or know the locations of yet to be acquired RPC's
  • Cell Block C - Government agents and people of power who violated pre-existing Authority contracts. Should they show good behaviors they may be hired under the Authority
  • Containment Section - Humanoid RPC storage section.
  • "Guantanamo" - [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Emergency Containment Wing - A series of standard high threat containment chambers. Used for concealing hight threat RPC's during times of crisis.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Hank "Maddog" Davis
  • Assistant Site Director: Johnathon Hills
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Dr. Albert Esposito
  • Dir. of Site Security: Col. Micheal Trevar
  • Dir. of Garrisoned MST: Maj. Robert Grim
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Dr. Natasha Thompson

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Wardens: 10
  • Administrative Assistants: 25
  • Medical Personnel: 583
  • Research Personnel: 500
  • Security Personnel: 10,936 (8,000 permanent, 2,936 temporary)
  • Maintenance Personnel: 1,360
  • Prisoners: ████

Total: ████

Garrisoned Mobile Security Teams

TRT Aleph-21 "Wolf Pack"

Anomalies Contained


Anomalies Used as Wardens


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