Item Anomaly Containment Facility



An Aerial shot of the mountain behind Site-016.


The nearby cover village of Prins Christians Sund.

Established: October 29th, 2002.

Front Cover: Nukissiorfiit Marine life study and water testing facility.

Location: 59° N, 43° W. [59.781460, -43.917406]
150km southwest of Prins Christianssund in the Kujalleq Municipality.

Codename: 'The Warehouse'

Hex-code: [10]

Site Occupation: Containment, Research, MST & ASF site facilities.

Division Jurisdiction: Research & Containment

Total Area: 95.01km2

Facility Area: 41.65km2

Surrounding Waters: 53.36km2

Facility Access: Regarding Site-016's secluded location site access is achievable by water or air vehicle through traveling its southern canal. Specialized land vehicles are also operated to limit visibility of site staff as well as covertly transport minor anomalous items.

Site-016 was established Oct 29th, 2002 after Authority actions caused several minor disasters, Administration officials at that time rerouted the remaining assets and resources from these incidents to construct and maintain a storage site for 'lesser anomalies'.
Site Leader Marshall was assigned to command MST ECHO-13 to maintain tight security of all stocked anomalies. Marshall was chosen for this position based on his previous work with the individuals currently assigned to ECHO-13.
MST commander Rip was assigned to be captain of the Orca class submersible aircraft carrier, "The Kraken" after his previous work as an Authority collaborator.

Background Information:
Site-016 was established Oct 29th, 2002 to contain item-based anomalies that do not pass Beta in their assigned containment ranking.
Site-016's research facilities are built into underwater plexiglass containers using bubble architecture, nearly 1km under the thick ice of the coast.
'The Kraken' an Orca class aircraft carrier submersible off the southern coast houses and maintains command of MST-Echo-13 'Charlie's Anglers'.

Site Protocols

Offices & Wings Section

  • Administrative Wing - Housing for all Administrative Staff of 016.
  • Security Perimeter - Maintained by all on-site security staff of ECHO-13 at a radius of 5km2 inland, and 10km2 radius on the water. This radius is held 24/7 through scheduled watch shifts, operated by MST-ECHO-13's Urban and Aquatic divisions supplemented by site security.
  • Research and Testing Wing - Comprising of 7 bubble architecture labs underneath Site-016's official cover buildings. All excess storage structures of Site-016 used as testing chambers and housing for testing personnel until further expansion is needed.
  • Containment Wing - Much of Site-016 is comprised of purely stationary containment with guard routines in effect. Routine containment checks on a bi-weekly basis for the chance of containment breach. Security captain Rebecca Sisan oversees management of all routines.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Victör Marshalssön
  • Assistant Site Director: Dr. Herschel Gibbins
  • Dir. of Site Security: Rebecca Sisan
  • Dir. of Garrisoned MST: Comm. Rip
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Capt. Gekko
  • On-site Personnel: 1,236
  • Total Administrative Personnel: 15
  • Total Security Personnel: 250
  • Total Research Personnel[including assistants;aides]: 150
  • Total Medical Personnel: 25
  • Total Engineering Personnel: 500
  • Total Maintenance Personnel: 300
  • Total On-site MST Personnel: 606

Total On-Site Personnel: 1,846 Active Personnel (606 personnel of Orca grade ship, The Kraken, included in the total.)

Anomalies Contained

Hub for lesser anomalous items.

RPC-027 [Housed within sector-002]

RPC-0██ [Destroyed after break-in and attempted armed theft on ██/██/████.]

RPC-221 [Moved to Site-009 to prevent containment breach.]

RPC-378 [Housed within sector-020; Office of Storage Management.]


RPC-916 [Instances composed of unknown languages stored within Site-038]

RPC-991 [Housed within sector-███]

RPC-799 [Housed within sector-015]

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