Research & Containment Facility


View of the Australian Outback from Observation Post 3A.


Established: 9th of February, 1972

Front Cover: Native Australian Fauna Research Facility

Location: Lake MacKay, Northern Territory, Australia

Codename: "Boomerang"

Hex-code: 279

Site Occupation: Containment, Research, Intelligence

Division Jurisdiction: Research

Specialty: Aggression Hazards, Aquatic Hazards, Grouped Hazards, Organic Hazards, Sapient Hazards, Sentient Hazards

Total Area: 95912 m2

Background Information: Site-279 is a primary containment and research facility for Alpha and Beta class anomalies, as well as for containment of anomalies located in Australia and Eastern Asia.

Site-279 was established 2/9/1972 at first as a containment facility for anomalous objects, but was soon converted to what it is today on 5/27/1973. Site-279 specializes in organic and sentient/sapient anomalies, such as anomalous fauna and humanoid RPCs. Site-279's main specialty is research and containment of anomalous fauna. Site-279 has contained a small amount of anomalous artifacts, however.

Site-279 is publicly known as a research facility for native Australian animals, protecting endangered wildlife from poachers and predators.


  • Administrative Wing: This wing is used to manage the entire site, as well as direct possible additions to Site-279, such as new architectural additions and which RPC's are contained within Site-279. Only personnel with Level 2 Clearance or higher may enter this area.
  • Intelligence Wing: Long-distance messages and communications with other groups are carried out here, as well as monitoring security throughout Site-279.
  • Sentient Anomalies Wing: Research of sentient RPCs, such as anomalous fauna.
  • Sapient Anomalies Wing: Research of sapient RPCs, such as anomalous humanoids.
  • Medical Wing: Used to store medical supplies, and a primary containment facility for individuals/animals/plants affected by anomalous pathogens.
  • Containment Wing: Primary containment facility for most RPCs in Site-279. Split into two sectors: Animate Anomalies Sector, and Inanimate Anomalies Sector.
  • Humanoid Containment Wing: Similar to the Containment Wing, but more suited for humanoid anomalies.


Administrative Officials

  • Site Director: Dr. Joseph Orkins
  • Assistant Site Director: Dr. Henrietta Schwartz
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Dr. Jìng Yang
  • Dir. of Site Security: Cap. Molly Ferguson
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Dr. Theobald Alexiou
  • Dir. of Intelligence: Dr. Manna Bavary
  • Dir. of Item Transferrals: Dr. Bill Jones
  • Dir. of Garrisoned MST: Capt. Charles "Charlie" A. █████

On-Site Personnel

  • Department Heads: 12
  • Administrative Assistants: 26
  • Medical Personnel: 31
  • Research Personnel: 1783
  • Security Personnel: 214
  • Intelligence Officers: 451
  • Maintenance Personnel: 89
  • CSD Personnel: 112

Total: 2718

Garrisoned Mobile Specialized Teams

  • MST Tango-17 ("Peter Parkers")1
  • MST Echo-09 ("Seasiders")2

Anomalies Contained









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