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RPC-563: The Shepard and his Flock

"RPC-563 is an area with a circular radius of approximately 2,000 km located in Antarctica… A community of RPC-563-1 are located in a settlement roughly 5km from the northern edge of RPC-563. The area around this settlement is warm and humid with a high concentration of vegetation occupying it, contrasting with the rest of RPC-563."

RPC-365: Nothing's ever gonna make me forget her

"RPC-365 is a modified air displacement plethysmograph (ADP), used to measure body composition.1RPC-365 is connected to a computer that allows it to function as a standard ADP. In addition to its standard function, RPC-365 is also capable of initializing anomalous events known as Caduceus Events. During a Caduceus Event, RPC-365's window becomes opaque and the following events occur…"


Junn sat crumpled at her desk as she fiddled with her pen, trying not to fall asleep. An email was open on her desktop which she had already read several times over.

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