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RPC-158: A Mixed Bag

"Upon having grasped an object, the crane was raised, revealing the object to be an Adibas-branded Soviet RDS-37 two-stage hydrogen bomb."

RPC-192: Turning a Sphere Inside-Out

"RPC-192 is the designation for a collection of spherical objects developed by The Physics Department of The Office of Analysis and Science as a proof of concept."

RPC-415: Knockoff Vampirism

"The laminated paper label on the side of each bottle is white, with the phrase “Blood Drink Plus: Become the Night that you want become Today” printed in red, along with a crude cartoon illustration depicting a stereotypical “vampire” figure."

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"For the past day, I have been doing nothing but pouring liquid nitrogen on this bloody alarm clock. I really need someone to take over."

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