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RPC-558: Fabrik der Toten

RPC-558 is a factory in an industrial compound located in a remote forest in East Germany 40kms from Berlin. From records acquired after WW2, RPC-558 was initially created as a new source for a massive but disposable fighting force…

RPC-615: A Dark Knight protecting a Cursed Girl

RPC-615-1 is a human child named "Sarah Debbins", aged 6 of English descent. When in the presence of any threat that can result in severe physical harm or danger…


RPC-755 is the designation for a completely naked humanoid entity currently walking in an unspecific direction around the surface of the Earth…

RPC-959: Diarrhoea Elemental

RPC-959 is an anomalous strain of the bacterium Vibrio Cholerae. While appearing and behaving identical under microscope comparisons with normal strains of V. Cholerae , RPC-959 possesses several unusual modifications and sequential additions to its plasmid ring and nuclei that appear artificially modified, believed responsible for its anomalous properties.

Tale: Malthusian Theory

As he checked my ticket, I opened the window, looking at the wilderness beyond. The conductor gave a confused look of annoyance, a tight grip on the tickets as a cold, biting wind swept into the cabin."It's right here. You better jump"…

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