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RPC-693: Parasite Skeleton

"RPC-693 refers to an unknown species of parasite that, once in an infected host, proceeds to systematically eat away at the subject's bones, excreting waste material that then hardens around the parasite as it begins its asexual reproductive process."

RPC-896: Don't Play Me I'm Scared

"RPC-896 is a video game arcade cabinet, measuring 1.81m*0.83m*0.62m. RPC-896 is structurally similar to that of a Midway classic 19" vertical monitor upright cabinet, with the exception of joysticks and buttons being in a hexagonal setting."

RPC-132: Rodent Roast

"RPC-132 is a brand of instant coffee powder contained within a 32.7 x 24.3 x 19.7 cm rectangular red tin container holding almost exactly 200g of RPC-132 powder and is topped by a yellow tin lid that provides an air-tight seal. The container is emblazoned with a distinctive logo of a large cartoon rodent that makes it easily recognisable."

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