Tango-12 "Eye From The Sky"






Numerical Code: Tango-12

Codename: Eye From The Sky

Motto: "In Everywhere, From Anywhere"

Garrison/HQ: Site-009

Roles: Asset Retrieval, Black Operations, Foreign Espionage, Special Reconnaissance, Paramilitary Training

Established: June 1, 1952

Description: MST Tango-12 is a clandestine task force embedded in both domestic and foreign intelligence services of national governments, specializing in surveillance and clandestine operations against entities of interests to the Authority.

MST Tango-12 operatives are procured from the Operative Indoctrination Program administered by the Authority Central Intelligence, as well as from targeted recruitment efforts on existing foreign intelligence officers. MST Tango-12 coordinates its activities with the ACI's Intelligence Department, securing objectives that require direct-action from embedded operatives within a target nation.

Unlike the ACI's Operations Department, MST Tango-12 operatives do not conceal themselves from other Authority personnel, and frequently collaborate with additional mobile specialized teams in containment and retrieval missions. The necessity of a specialized task-force that could perform covert operations internationally, while also leveraging resources available from their direct affiliation with the Authority, became essential in the Cold War era.

In response to the growing influence of the Central Intelligence Agency - Special Activities Center, Unit 9 within the anomalous community, and other activities by foreign agencies of interest, the Board of Global Directors unanimously agreed to establish MST Tango-12 on 06/01/1952.

Task-Force Composition

Primary Personnel

Clandestine Operations Regiment: 70 Total Personnel
  • Staff Operations Division: +10 Personnel
  • Enhanced Interrogation Division: +10 Personnel
  • High-Value Target Division: +15 Personnel
  • Paramilitary Training Division: +20 Personnel
  • Reconnaissance Division: +15 Personnel

Foreign Intelligence Regiment: 125 Total Personnel

  • Logistics Division: +25 Personnel
  • Industrial Espionage Division: +20 Personnel
  • Intelligence Espionage Division: +50 Personnel
  • Military Espionage Division: +30 Personnel

Direct-Action Regiment: 15 Total Personnel

Active Personnel

Task Force Commanding Officers

  • Task Force Commander: Brig-Gen. Banzarjavyn Tömörbaatar
  • Operations Division Commandant: Maj. Ríkharður Ásbjörnsson
  • Foreign Intelligence Director: Dir. Iftikhar Zain Ibtihaaj
  • Direct Action Coordinator: Maj. Tobiah Reaper
  • Representative Internal Officer: Lt. Col. Pān Péng Tuò



MST Tango-12 Operative

Standard Issue Armaments:

  • Close Quarters Combat: Ka-Bar BKR7 Combat Utility Knife
  • Handgun: Beretta 92FS Inox
  • Carbine: Heckler & Koch HK416 A5
  • Shotgun: Benelli M4 H2O Tactical

Special Purpose Armaments:

  • Marksman Rifle: Heckler & Koch HK417A2
  • Sniper Rifle: S&T Motiv K14
  • Machine Gun: S&T Motiv K12
  • Anti-Aircraft: LIG Nex1 KP-SAM Shin-Kung
  • Anti-Materiel: Accuracy International AS50

Standard Issue Equipment:

  • Cell Phone: SGP Technologies Blackphone 2
  • Computer: Purism Librem 15 Laptop
  • Vehicle: Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

Special Purpose Equipment:

  • Surveillance: Cellbrite Universal Forensic Extraction Device Touch2
  • Aircraft: Northrop Grumman X-47A Pegasus UAV
  • Transport: Bombardier Global 7500

Completed Operations


Containment Assignments

Case Detail
RPC-101 Asset retrieval directive for RPC-101 in the event of a containment breach.
RPC-918 Deployment to Guangzhou, China for special reconnaissance on the US Consulate.


Please direct all questions to your squad commander.
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