The Bureau Of Acquisition

Welcome to the Bureau of Acquisition. Here at the Bureau, we strive to explore the unknown. By expanding our perception we can learn invaluable knowledge and further our stance in the fight for humanity.

Entering into the Bureau of Acquisition is an honor. The five departments included in the Bureau are the Theistic, Viderics, Cryptology, Anti-Memetic and Kaballic Departments. Each department is located in its own specialty site in an undisclosed location. Here the chosen Investigators will study some of the most revered and classified anomalies that the Authority has to offer. Only the most skilled and specialized researchers have been chosen from among their colleagues to join the Bureau. Investigators will be assigned to a department that matches their highly tuned skills and accomplishments and provided transportation to a classified location. Here they will work with a team of other highly tuned Investigators in their area of expertise. The designated location will contain all anomalies that pertain to the site's specialty and their assigned Anomaly Experimentation teams. The information that they discover will provide the Authority with a step above others in the fight to protect this world.


Keballic Department personnel on rout to a suspected anomaly site.

Investigators study their assigned subject, being either Theistic, Viderics, Cryptology, Anti-Memetic or Kaballic. Tests and cross-tests will be coordinated with the Experimentation team, and all information discovered will be relayed back to the Bureau Investigators. Information discovered by the Bureau is classified from the general public, and not to be shared among ranks lightly. In case of an anomaly breach of the Bureau's order, the appropriate Field Investigators are to be dispatched to the location in order to study and coordinate containment of the anomaly alongside appropriate Protection Division personnel.

The Theistic Department deals with upper dimensional beings that are perceivable in our world. Epsilon class objects are almost exclusively studied by the theistic division.

The Department of Viderics studies the Videric neurotransmitter. Viderics are a neurotransmitter that allows a person to perceive that which was before hidden. The human brain has developed defenses against the unseen since the beginning of our creation. Viderics break through that barrier and allow us to perceive true reality. Viderics are primarily studied in Site-074.

The Cryptology Department deciphers intercepted messages from GOI's, POI's, and anomalies. The Cryptology department also forms the rules and regulations for information transfer and encoding in order to keep Authority documents safe in the event of a breach.

The Anti-Memetics Department works hand in hand with the Viderics Department. Memetic objects are those that decode themselves from memories, or alter perceived information about themselves. The anti-memetic department strives to understand and to provide protection from these objects.

The Kaballic Department studies mystical or otherwise occult anomalies. In possession of many culturally significant artifacts from around the world the Keballic Department takes aim to learn about their effects and connotation.

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