The General and The Colonel



Orchid closed the door, quietly, like a kid still awake in the night.

He sat on a steel chair, right next to a small table; the room was dark; the only source of illumination was a little light directly above the table, which illuminated the faces of both Orchid and the Commander.

Orchid sighed, looked at his wristwatch, and stared back at The Commander.

“Well, General Orchid, what is the purpose of this meeting?”

The Commander spoke with the same wit and elegance of a British noble; after finishing asking the question, he leaned forward, revealing his bald head and his scarred face.
Orchid leaned forward on his chair too, and started smoking a cigar.

"Commander, have you ever heard that we could learn a lot about a person by simply looking them straight into their eyes?" stated Orchid, smiling.

He took a drag from his cigar and dryly coughed. He placed a handkerchief over his mouth and spat some compound of phlegm and blood.
The Commander ironically stated:

“General, such a wise person like you would know smoking isn’t good for your health…”

They both gave out a laugh, a short laugh, and then Orchid placed the cigar inside the ashtray at the center of the table.

"I see the rage in your eyes, Commander," exclaimed Orchid, placing the cigar in the ashtray.

The Commander could almost feel Orchid trying to get inside his head, trying to see him for what he was like. The Commander chose to ignore this attempt.

"Aren't we all fueled by rage, General? Aren't fury and vengeance the reason we are all here? Isn't this Confederacy the result of the need for revenge?" he exclaimed, his cold voice bellowed in the small room.

"Isn't the whole world fueled by rage? Vengeance? We are in a strange world, full of terrible creatures that should not be, and yet, humanity ignores them. We are at the brink of extinction, and we are all unaware of the danger that creeps under our beds at night. Instead of joining forces, we all fight each other in wars, with only one goal: Power!" He continued.

He jumped up, knocking down his chair onto the ground, all the while keeping his eyes locked onto Orchid's. The table vibrated from the Commander's shaking palms as beads of sweat dripped down his brow. This managed to cock one of Orchid's brow's ever so slightly.

"No matter who we are, sir, we all crave power…but only a handful of those who crave it knows how to use it. I came here to reach one goal: destroy the anomalous; I will pledge my loyalty to whoever has the power and will to do so, so tell me, Orchid: Are you one of them?"

General Orchid stood up, calmly took out yet another cigar, lit it, took a drag, and answered: “I wouldn't be here if I wasn't. The question here is, are you like me?”

The Commander smirked: “If I weren't, I wouldn't be talking with you, now would I?”

There was a moment of silence. The two hardened men were silent. Eyes cold and fixed. Then, General Orchid extended his hand to the Commander.

"From now on, you are the Colonel of the Supernatural Termination Confederacy Armed Forces, and my second in command. You will not disappoint me," stated Orchid as they shook hands.

The Colonel simply answered: “It won’t happen.”

The two exited the room together, shutting off the light and leaving it into the same darkness it was engulfed in before their meeting.

At the end, Raban finally reached his goal: he knew that after having wiped out an entire Malthusian base, he would have been promoted.

Everything was going according to the plan.

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