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RPC-134 - That Time Charles Darwin Turned Into A Tortoise
RPC-137 - A Love Story
RPC-203 - Moo Juice
RPC-899 - A Prologue

RPC-046 - Desert Dogs
RPC-114 - The Horned God
RPC-141 - Moai Guardian of Easter Island

That Time Tortoises Took Over The Galapagos

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I'm most proud of 137 and 899 in that order, but I think 141 is only a little below them. I'm less proud of my first article, 203, because it's kind of boring and a little all over the place, and 134 sits in a strange place where I love the idea, and I love that it's canon, but I don't feel any pride in having written it in the way I did.

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