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The United Nations Anomalous Activities Committee (UNAAC) is a global regulatory body for "official" anomalous agencies, usually those operating with the backing of a national government (PCAAO, MI13, etc). Established in 1945 with the signing of the International Anomalous Accords, UNAAC's charter directs it to restrict and police the actions of anomalous agencies; actual enforcement of the Accords is weak and mostly left to the collective pressure of UNAAC member organizations during particularly outrageous rule breaking, such as national governments using the anomalous in wartime.

In practical terms, UNAAC is a negotiating table where the Authority carries the most weight. Relatively impotent by itself, UNAAC is valuable as a forum to redress grievances and smooth over competing interests between anomalous agencies in an established, diplomatic setting; conflict between these agencies amounts to fratricide, only benefiting the extreme groups that lurk below. To that end, as well, UNAAC facilitates the coordination of agencies and governments against dangerous anomalous GOIs.

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