Vizcuck's Author Page

Vizcuck's Author Page

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RPC-029 - The Blue Woodsman

He only drinks the most Russian of Vodka

RPC-070 - Burger King Battle Royale


RPC-131 - How to Catch an Info-Demon

Collab with bXluYW1lamVmZgbXluYW1lamVmZg

RPC-192 - The Pendant

Based Buddha

RPC-193 - The Amazing! Co. Kidz-Frendly STAPLOR!™

A collab with Von PincierVon Pincier. First time ever doing a successful collab.

RPC-202 - ACS Entropy

Finally something I'm somewhat proud of

RPC-209 - I am RPC-209

I swear it's not that fucking toaster SCP

RPC-599 - The Gear Box

Nutritious carrots

Joke Articles

RPC-You-J - Trash

My (former) magnum opus

RPC-777-J - Blackjack and Hookers

The good succ

My Joke Contest Entry

Wasn't happy with it enough to post onto the site


Amazing and Co.

God damn it McAfee


Magic brain juice


Lmao part 2 when??

Green Text

Get Volgun to read this one and I will owe you my soul

The Anderson Eckhardt Coherency Test

Discount Humes, now on sale!

The Void Calls

"Is this the void?" … "No, this is Patrick."


Badge Guide (and the badge code itself)

Thanks to SonKingKongSonKingKong for the art used

Infobox Guide (and the infoboxes themselves)

Suck a dick SCP, your infoboxes are shit and buggy

Sidenote Guide (and the sidenotes themselves)

They're like footnotes but not garbage on mobile

Other Shit I've Written

Gear Hub

Another lame lore info dump!

MST Uniform-1

They do stuff with coherency or something

Site Contributions

Black Supremacy

I made the fucking site theme

GEAR Theme

I want your gears inside me, doctor

AEP Theme

Discount GEAR, now with a theme!

April Fools 2019 Theme

It does not look like a McDonald's menu

The Tales Hub

Don't ask why non-tale-related things are on the tales hub

Top Rated New Pages

Tabs are disgusting. Why the fuck did I use tabs?

Lowest Rated Pages

Thank fuck it doesn't have tabs

The Author Page

My hit list

Tagging Guide

You can tag me, daddy

Terminology Index

Glorified tales list


An alternative for footnotes that Von asked me to make

Off-Site Stuff

If you like my work on RPC, you might also like some other stuff I've written.

Librorum Infinitum

A Traveler's Tome

Wanderers' Library

An Oddly Placed Door

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