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Overview: This document contains information on various organizations and groups that have some similarity to the Authority in that they are known to deal with the paranormal and the occult. While many other organizations exist to suppress paranormal activities, there are those who use the paranormal as a means to achieve a larger agenda, and may be considered as a rival towards the Authority. Their objectives and methods are monitored and documented by the Authority to understand their true goal within the paranormal world— and in some cases, stop them from destroying humanity as a whole.

This page is for the links and information of all potential writers for such GoIs. Please, before you are set on writing for one of these GoIs, check their current amount of content and consider if it will come to fruition under the current GoI creation guidelines. You may be asked to remove the WIP-GoI related content upon posting your article if it does not reach the required amount of articles/authors needed for creation. Note, getting onto this page does not guarantee anything in terms of canonization or main-list probability. This is simply a list compiled for authors to more easily find WIP GoIs.

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Canon Policy

Threat ID System

Threat Level Description
GT-01 A group with knowledge or possession of anomalous objects that pose a direct and immediate threat to The Authority and humanity as a whole.
GT-02 A group with the capacity to cause major disruption to society and who may have knowledge of The Authority.
GT-03 A group in possession of minor anomalous items or knowledge. These groups do not have significant knowledge of The Authority and have little capability to enact major disruptions to normal life.
GU-0 A group whose motives are unknown.
GA-03 A group that is not cooperative with The Authority but does not pose a direct threat.
GA-02 A group which is amicable to Authority actions.
GA-01 A group that is continuously supportive of Authority actions.

APAS (Anomalous Phenomena Acquisition Society) - GT-03

Overview: A group of wealthy individuals dedicated to collecting anomalies for their own entertainment. APAS stays afloat through the money gathered as admission fee to all of its members, as well as occasional auctions. APAS is not interested in comercially selling anomalies, at least not as a focus.

APAS is known to have interactions with GEAR, exchanging several high-value anomalies for technology pertaining to protetion and secrecy. This technology has stunted Authority efforted to locate and capture APAS gatherings.

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Array - GA-02

Overview: The Array is a collective of artificial intelligences that have come together to prevent the extinction of humanity. They do this because they wish to have some sort of purpose to their existence, and there is no greater calling for a machine than purpose. The Array has 0 concern for the survival of individual humans, and because of this they will commonly use inhumane tactics to keep humanity alive.

The Array is cooperative with Authority efforts, but will not go out of its way to do so. Additionally, the Array looks at the survival of humanity in three distinct ways. And labels dangerous anomalous and non-anomalous phenomena in one of the three following categories in order to reflect that.

  • 1. Immediate Survival Threat: The phenomena/entity poses an immediate threat to humanity currently. Examples of this include various Purple/Black level anomalies.
  • 2. Continued Survival Threat: The phenomena/entity poses a threat to humanity's near to distant future. An example of this is Global Warming.
  • 3. Distant Survival Threat: The phenomena/entity poses a threat to humanity's survival in the very distant future. Examples include the expansion of the sun to envelope Earth.

The Array exists to keep humanity alive, and are more than willing to destroy anomalous objects in order to accomplish their goals. Additionally, the Array is unconcerned with anomalous objects that would have a danger rating of Red or lower.

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The Remnants - GA-01

Overview: The Remnants are a fractured iteration of the Authority from a timeline where an experiment gone awry resulted in a single moment where reality wavered, causing a single universe-wide calamity and a subsequent cascade of new anomalies. Unable to keep the public veil of normalcy, and facing wide spread containment breaches of catastrophic levels, the Authority chain of command has broken down and left only splinters and shadows to continue their work. With a number of anomalies from their timeline hitching a ride with the refugees attempting to escape their broken world, their problems are quickly becoming the problems of the baseline Authority. Very little is known about the current state of the Remnant world, and all reliable information has been compiled below.

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Kabushiki Kawaii - GT-02

Overview: Kabushiki Kawaii is an Eastern para-company that has business worldwide, but its market is centralized in the east. Kabushiki Kawii specializes in the creation of anime women and men in real life, selling them to their anonymous clients. These "anime people" are able to be customized to an extreme degree, such hat they are able to be created with animal features (eg catgirls), and can be given anomalous abilities if requested by a loyal customer.

In order to provide the highest quality products, Kabushiki Kawaii commits lots of human right violations in order to do so. Such as kidnapping, human experimentation, human trafficking, rape, and so on. Unlike most para-companies, Kawaii Korps is committed to complete transparency with the consumer. And are willing to provide refunds if the delivered product isn't up to the demands of the customer.

The following is an example of a receipt/product timeline given by Kawaii Korps to one of its customers.

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Idyllic’s Finest in Esoteric & Extravagant Delights - GT-01

Overview: The Idyllic’s Finest in Esoteric & Extravagant Delights is a collection of individuals of varying degrees of mental instability. They range from individuals that cannot string together coherent sentences, to individuals of exceptional intelligence and finesse. These individuals commonly derive goals from a lack of rationale, committing acts that make little to no logical sense. The individuals themselves are not anomalous in nature, but a common goal between the members of the group is to create and/or otherwise procure different anomalous objects. These objects usually constitute an effect on the user’s mind, often in the effect of driving the user to a form of psychosis and clinical insanity, or otherwise hindering rational thought. With the objects they procure, they generally use on each other, posing minimal threat to the populace at large, but have occasionally put civilian and Authority entities at risk. On rare occasions, their actions have caused direct damage to such targets, leading to multiple casualties.

This group is extremely unpredictable, and strategies developed by the Authority to neutralize the group rarely succeed. Due to their nature of being a loosely connected group, they cannot be directly dealt with, all Authority attempts to do so has resulted in another overlooked section of the group being uncovered elsewhere. This group is to be dealt with with extreme caution, but is not to be engaged on-sight. It is unknown the amount of anomalous objects the group has in its possession, and the danger of the objects is also unknown. If the Authority is to come into contact with another section of this group, they are to exercise extreme caution. It is mandatory for personnel to contact the Authority if they are to come into contact with IFEED, or otherwise become aware of their presence.

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The Mercenaries of the Anomalous - GT-03

Overview: A diverse network of elite mercenaries, united by their determination to acquire and use the finest in anomalous equipment. Divided into numerous distinct outfits, they often trace their lineage back to notable historical units, taking on elements of their dress and equipment (often anomalous, matching or exceeding the capabilities of modern kit). An Afghani jezail that penetrates ten inches of steel - a dagger that tracks the source of blood in its fullet - a ceremonial shield that shatters bullets - infinitely diverse and eclectic, it's impossible to predict the skills and abilities each mercenary might possess. Disdaining money unless necessary, their thirst for anomalous equipment and warrior ethos leads the mercenaries into the employ of many anomalous GOIs. The rich collectors of APAS, fanatics of Malthus, businessmen of Nucorp, even the Authority; the allegiances of the various mercenary outfits are as diverse as their equipment, reflecting the bias of their members, philosophy, and experience.

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Moms Against Magic - GA-03

Overview: A group of uninformed semi-anomalous facebook-using middle aged women, who think that anomalies are a danger to human society as a whole, and that the Authority is building an army of anomalies to take over the world.

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German Anomalous Research Division - Archived (Previously GT-01)

Overview: GARD was active during WW2 and acted as the German military's anomalous research and weapons development division. Their activities during the early stages of the war forced the Allies to create the RAVAAF (RPC Authority Volunteer Army for the Allied Force).

After the Second World War, GARD retreated to Argentina, where they remained undetected by Authority intelligence until 1973. On March 18th 1983 GARD was completely destroyed. Today some of their artifacts still remain, but they do not.

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BündesOkkultAbteilung (FOA) - AGID

Overview: The FOA is a federal department of the German government with the express purpose of investigating, containing and/or eliminating anomalous organizations, entities, and objects that threaten the German nation or people. The organization has near-complete independence, being able to operate with the full support of the German government, and more importantly, without their supervision.

The FOA originated as a loose coalition of German Catholic inquisitors rooting out heretics in the HRE during the middle ages. With the reformation taking root in many German kingdoms throughout the HRE, the unofficial coalition lost much of its power, however, remnants of inquisitors, along with reformed investigators, remained to investigate anomalous entities after their decline. The FOA first officially came into being by the order of Chancellor Bismark. Their original purpose was to investigate and eliminate anomalous entities that could pose a threat to the newly created German empire. However, under Kaiser Wilhelm II during the first world war, the FOA took on a far more proactive role, and started to research and even create anomalous entities for the war effort. These measures largely failed however, and after Germany's defeat, the FOA was disbanded by the ally powers. The FOA did not come back into existence until 1943, when they splintered from the GOI known as the GARD, Germany's anomalous investigation agency under Hitler. Certain members of GARD grew disgruntled with nazi practices regarding anomalous entities and objects. In addition, old supporters of the Kaiser or Wehrmacht Republic saw an opportunity with the failing war effort. These members soon splintered off and joined with the hiding dissenters, thus forming a loose resistance group that would eventually become the FOA.

As the war drew to a close and the GARD waned in power, the FOA grew. The FOA was able to successfully re-contain several anomalous entities that the GARD were unable to due to a loss of funding. During the chaos after the war, the FOA became far more prominent, with funding from the allies to help contain any entities in the occupied German territories. The FOA were unable to operate in Soviet occupied territories, however, resulting in many anomalous instances being left unchecked in the eastern most part of Germany. The FOA officially, albeit secretly, came into being with the reunification of Germany into a single sovereign state.

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Loch Cataloging Corporation (LCC) - GT-03

Overview: Loch Cataloging Corporation is a corporation in Scotland that specializes in marine biology and technology. The people of LCC are partnered with GEAR. They end up making them advance marine equipment for a few of their earnings from Oceanic programs. Oceanic programs support the LCC because the Corporations shows themselves as an organization set on finding out about aquatic entities as unknown species. LCC does have a website that is shadow banned on Google along with any images and documents made by them so that the Authority can keep the true purpose of their corporation secretive because of how open they are about the anomalous on their site. LCC has also cataloged locations in the deep sea that are anomalous along with objects gathered from the sea that are usually highly anomalous but affect water in certain ways.

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M.I.R.A - GU-0

Overview: According to MR-8:50-PM, M.I.R.A is a small group of individuals linked by the anomalous forces of M.I.R.A's conceptualization, that investigate, acquire, sabotage or destroy anomalous items, events and entities, if offered a fair deal to do so. They reside within the "Office" along with a myriad of fellow anomalous entities referred to as the "Office Dwellers" by MR-PM, M.I.R.A and its agents live by a set of six laws that if broken will result in the agents expulsion from M.I.R.A though MR-PM refused to further elaborate on what these laws were exactly.

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Intergalactical Anomalous Bloodsports (IAB) - GT-03

Overview: IAB otherwise known as the Intergalactical Anomalous Bloodsports is an organization that is based on the idea of entertaining those with the knowledge of the anomalous world. They take anomalies from other planets to fight in the AGC along with having the technology to revive the competitors. They also do dramas, comedy, luxury, and the AGC (Anomalous Gladiatorial Combat). They are highly secretive to anyone who doesn't know about anything anomalous and seeks to please those who do.

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