X-Ray-6 "Annullifers"






Designation: X-Ray-6

Codename: Annullifiers

Garrison/HQ: Site-002

Role: Data Expungement, Corporate/Cyber/Industrial Espionage, Counterintelligence.

Motto: Venent, Vident, Oblitus (They came, They saw, They forgot)

Established: 26th March, 1919

Description: Comprised mostly of former FBI and MI6 operatives with several detectives of various desks from various police departments in the United States.

The primary assignment of X-Ray-6 is to expunge any evidence of Authority's existence and its anomalies in the mass media and apprehending individuals with said evidence that is not involved within the anomalous community.

However, in ██/██/1961 following the building of the Berlin Wall, The Board temporarily repurposed X-Ray-6 as a counterintelligence task force (due to their experience in corporate infiltration) assigned to minimize the risk of a global nuclear war that may hinder the containment of RPCs.

The Board decommissioned the Counterintelligence Division in 1991 following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Recently in 2013, Global Director 02 proposed that the Authority should have its own counterintelligence agency and infiltrators to various GoIs. In ██/██/2013, The Board unanimously voted for the revival of the Counterintelligence Division.

The operatives of X-Ray-6 Counterintelligence Division are specially trained to prevent any and all collateral damages during their mission. The operatives are also not given any form of weaponry and instead, they are trained to procure weapons locally if the need arises.

Taskforce Composition

Task Force Officials

  • Expungement Division Commander: Capt. Daniel Donovan
  • Counterintelligence Division Commander: Agent Ryan Spearing

Task Force Personnel

  • Expungement Operatives: 410
  • Counterintelligence Operatives: 182
  • Total Personnel: 592


Standard Equipments

  • Communications: Standard-Issue Smartphone equipped with GPS and satellite connection (model and manufacturer is randomized for every deployment)

Standard Weaponry

  • Melee: 30cm Fiber Wire

Containment Assignments

RPC-055 - Expungement Division
RPC-075 - Expungement Division
RPC-150 - Expungement Division
RPC-230 - Expungement Division
RPC-320 - Expungement Division
RPC-444 - Expungement Division
RPC-450 - Expungement Division
RPC-625 - Expungement Division
RPC-689 - Expungement Division

Completed Operations

Failed Operations


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